Last week, I had the honor and opportunity to speak to 200 Missouri tourism providers. Spoke about “Marketing, What Have You Done for me Lately” and “Branding— It’s Not Rocket Surgery”. Why give one presentation when you can give two, right?! Twice the work and half the fun! Only kidding—these were incredible, warm and welcoming people and I’d come back any time! Lake of The Ozarks is off the charts— planning to bring the family back!

Missouri tourism providers presentation

Last week, Claudia had the honor of serving alongside four colleagues as they juried more than two dozen submissions for the North Texas Impact Awards. Submissions ranged from as small as 300 sq. ft. to over 7,000 acres. As a judge, Claudia was asked to think deeply about what impacts, influences and moves the needle in architecture, land planning and design. Said Claudia, “A rich, rewarding experience— I certainly gained insights and perspective from my illustrious colleagues, and it was a pleasure to work with Pam Stein and the ULI District Council.”