ULI Urban Revitalization Council Day

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November 15, 2016



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Our ULI Urban Revitalization Council Day was really two days — with tours, panels and speakers helping us explore and understand Dallas’ changes, efforts and progress within the urban core. (It’s a completely different city than when I lived there 20+ years ago.) For one, there’s been a fascinating transformation of 60s, 70s and 80s-style monolithic corporate structures into residential, “new” office and lifestyle-engaging endeavors. While it maintains it’s capitalistic intensity, one felt a “softening” around the edges, a desire to recognize and infuse livability throughout. More parks and green space, better infrastructure and an aesthetic intent are all visible. The days’ tours and panels certainly asked us to think deeply about social equity — which will be an important theme for our Council Day in Seattle in the Spring. As Chair of URC Gold, it’s an honor to be a part of this incredible group of real estate professionals.

ULI Urban Revitalization Council Tours Trinity Groves, Dallas

ULI Urban Revitalization Council Tours Trinity Groves, Dallas

Phil Romano & Claudia Sieb at Trinity Groves

Phil Romano & Claudia Sieb at Trinity Groves

See this incredible story on PBS:

sorrelWe’re excited to host Dr Michael Sorrell October 26 in Dallas, at ULI’s Urban Revitalization Council Day. Dr. Sorrell will present the courageous vision that transformed an urban college with a 1% graduation rate, into a vibrant, thriving entity successfully preparing students for the modern work force. Special thanks to Karl Zavitkovsky for his help in organizing this power-packed presentation.

You may have read about the Cadence Builds program we just launched with EVIT. The story was carried by multiple media outlets and tells of the first-of-its-kind program that allows EVIT students to follow the entire development process of Cadence at Gateway from identifying and purchasing land to entitlement, land planning, marketing, segmentation, amenities and more. It’s incredible!