In May we welcomed new hotels and restaurants in the Florida Keys, Branson, Missouri, New Mexico mountain country and throughout Utah. Welcome aboard and we are gratified that we can be of service!

Upcoming chains and boutique hotels often find themselves in a tough spot— they need quality products AND preferred pricing — which is often reserved for larger chains and brands. With the Sieb partnership with Sysco, using the proprietary HC&L program, we can provide a pricing structure that is more appealing than ever, and constantly growing in scope. Our programs have proven results and provide long-term satisfaction for our clients— one of the reasons for steady double-digit growth.

A Better Solution for an Evolving Client

Posted on

May 17, 2016


Client Updates

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cropped brochure,flash_525

This is the perfect handout for Cadence at Gateway! A small, multi-panel hand-sized brochure tells the top-line story of Cadence, and is attached to a flash drive, with details, our video and more all loaded up! We’re able to add unlimited— and evolving— content onto the flash. It’s a better, more flexible and cost effective solution for this wonderful community. Folks are loving it— they treat it like the “key to the story” and the connection to “homes” is unmistakable!

It Starts with Spring Break

Posted on

May 14, 2016


Hospitality News

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shutterstock_235270987_300It all starts at Spring Break, builds during Graduation and Memorial Day Weekend, peaks in the summer months, and extends through Labor Day and back-to-school. These seven months are the Mother Lode of the U.S. hotel business for leisure travelers and families.

With approximately 55,000 hotels in the U.S. and 70% operating as limited-service hotels, for leisure travelers and families what matters most in their hotel is breakfastsnacks, and grab n’ go products.

Limited-service hotel success hinges on providing this as value-added, often complimentary products. Smart operators know they contribute to higher room rates and return occupancy levels while generating both hotel profit and customer loyalty.

With over 100 manufacturer programs covering over 7,000 food and non-food items, Sieb’s proprietary HC&L program supports new hotel business bottom line. Over 90% of our programs offer immediate off-invoice savings, while 10% of the programs offer 100% paid rebates. It’s a win-win-win for the customer, manufacturer, and available only through Sysco!