It Starts with Spring Break

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May 14, 2016


Hospitality News

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shutterstock_235270987_300It all starts at Spring Break, builds during Graduation and Memorial Day Weekend, peaks in the summer months, and extends through Labor Day and back-to-school. These seven months are the Mother Lode of the U.S. hotel business for leisure travelers and families.

With approximately 55,000 hotels in the U.S. and 70% operating as limited-service hotels, for leisure travelers and families what matters most in their hotel is breakfastsnacks, and grab n’ go products.

Limited-service hotel success hinges on providing this as value-added, often complimentary products. Smart operators know they contribute to higher room rates and return occupancy levels while generating both hotel profit and customer loyalty.

With over 100 manufacturer programs covering over 7,000 food and non-food items, Sieb’s proprietary HC&L program supports new hotel business bottom line. Over 90% of our programs offer immediate off-invoice savings, while 10% of the programs offer 100% paid rebates. It’s a win-win-win for the customer, manufacturer, and available only through Sysco!

Research on multi-tasking reveals it doesn’t work that well! Which is why our Sieb Branding Sessions are focused, sequestered, deep dive multi-day endeavors with no cell phones allowed! (OK, we have regular breaks which we all count on!)

The team comes prepared and the work is mature, thoughtful, motivating — and yes, hard. This one was held a couple weeks ago for the ASU Athletic Facilities District in Tempe, Arizona. Great team of seven big, big brains.

“It’s such a fulfilling journey serving as Memberships Co-Chair, Co-Chair, and now, as our council splits to two flights, I’m honored to accept the role of Chairperson for the Gold Flight.” said Claudia.

The Urban Land Institute’s URCGold Council is a National Product Council of 40 industry leaders focused on best practices in urban revitalization. Members consist of professionals in finance, development, land planning, architecture, marketing and more. Different than many councils, the membership includes both private and public sectors and focuses on market rate needs as well as the needs of underserved communities. Encompassing development practices in commercial, residential, and more, the council meets twice a year at ULI national meetings, focusing on case studies, “lessons learned” and furthering excellence in the industry.

“I anticipate the next three years of service will be as enriching as anything I’ve done career-wise! What a terrific opportunity to work with the finest in the field.”