Sieb was engaged to jumpstart and revitalize marketing for Clint Eastwood’s private, sustainability-oriented community in Carmel, California. Without lowering prices, the developer wanted to maintain fair share of lead generation and sales.

By beginning with an audit of prospective buyers and residents, and what messages were resonating, we created a more effective program with considerably less waste. The development team agreed to try new marketing practices, netting much higher results than the client anticipated.

We effectively reached 100% of the identified market, with a cost per lead that was a fraction of the previous rates. Success was attributed to  integrated on- and off-line media, collateral, creative and events. Pricing was maintained and sales goals were achieved.


Mr. Eastwood had never consented to run television for his community. However, he gave this a try and the results were terrific. We were able to place commercials in very specific zones and zips, allowing a cost-effective campaign to run, with very little waste. Our TV drove real interest with highly-qualified buyers, due to precise placement. 


Placing print media locally and into select Bay Area pubs proved an important tactic to intercept affluent buyers.  


We believed that once a person visited Tehama, the place would speak for itself. Thus, we reduced the collateral budget by producing simple yet tasteful materials, moving precious dollars into digital and traditional lead generation tactics to drive interest.