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Meet Carter aka “The Intern”

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March 14, 2018


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Our newest intern, Carter Folsom, joined us at just two weeks old. A true child prodigy, he just received his 3-month performance review— scoring perfect marks. His noteworthy leadership achievements include:

  • Ability to get his point of view heard, while bringing a smile to other stakeholders
  • Inclusive: Carter treats all team members equally through his optimistic interaction
  • Able to point out “what is not working” for him in a clear, efficient manner
  • Effective use of time – Carter can nap like a Boss
  • Carter leads the team in finger grabbing, smiling, giggling, and overall improvement in team atti-dude

Special thanks to Celeste Folsom, aka “Mommy Genius” for recruiting Carter to the Sieb team. Her beautiful gift is definitely the brightest ray of sunshine in the Sieb office! We all look forward to seeing him each day and watching him grow in front of us!

Carter and Celeste at SIEB

Last week, I had the honor and opportunity to speak to 200 Missouri tourism providers. Spoke about “Marketing, What Have You Done for me Lately” and “Branding— It’s Not Rocket Surgery”. Why give one presentation when you can give two, right?! Twice the work and half the fun! Only kidding—these were incredible, warm and welcoming people and I’d come back any time! Lake of The Ozarks is off the charts— planning to bring the family back!

Missouri tourism providers presentation