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February 27, 2023


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February 27, 2023

Sieb invited to Contribute to Esencia, a new Community in Santa Fe, New Mexico

We have had the rare opportunity to work with the best, and PRICE is among the best of the best. I know! We met Garret Price as he launched his new land and development company six years ago in Albuquerque, and have been more than just a little impressed throughout the years. These guys understand development, land, construction, engineering, financials — like very few others. I learn so much in every conversation or meeting. Garret is a master at consensus, collaboration and team building. So were we excited when he invited us to market his newest community, Esencia? Well, that would be a YES.

Coming in early, hearing the vision, running in formation with the land planner and other team members, these are what makes the industry enjoyable and enriching. We are at the front end, with a journey in front of us, so stay tuned!