Inspirada, Henderson, Nevada

In mid-2013 Sieb was invited to serve as Chief Marketing Consultant for this large-scale community emerging from the economic downturn. We audited the current offering and brand, the potential buyer market and learned about the new, revised community plan. Although our research told us to retain the name, everything else was changed—from logo to website, to marketing philosophy and initiatives.

The new community launched in January 2014 and all initiatives in this major undertaking have been delivered on time, under budget and surpassing goals. Well over 700 marketing initiatives have cascaded in an orderly manner, coinciding with builder launches, park openings, amenities and Visitors Center completions and growing market demand.

Today, Inspirada ranks #9 nationally in master planned community home sales as reported by RCLCo. Employing Sieb branding, marketing strategy, creative, digital campaigns, fulfillment materials, website and more, Inspirada achieved well-deserved success! With three years of Sieb brand-building and lead generation under it’s belt, this well established, successful project can now move forward primarily utilizing online digital campaigns. It’s true—we’re proud of the work we’ve done!