Harvard Investments is on the move. With over 55 developments in five states and six asset classes, they are not resting on their well-deserved laurels. The company is expanding, with a fresh youthful approach to new opportunities. It was time for a re-branding that positions Harvard as world-class developers doing innovative and profitable work. Because The Sieb Organization assists Harvard Investments in marketing many of their most important community assets, we knew we could help them better than any other firm.


In October 2020, mid-pandemic, we launched a new, robust website that features more than 55 of the client’s development projects. It required a considerable internal organizational effort and client assistance in gathering assets — all while driving a substantial  growth wave within their company. As always, the client trusted us explicitly with their brand and work, with no micromanagement— as Craig Krumwiede, President and CEO said “We look to you to call the audibles.”  The site speaks to their breadth and depth, expertise, investment into technology and data, and unique culture of consideration and decency. The culture is not only part of the DNA throughout the team, it likely originates from the executive team approach to work and life, and the Canadian family-owned parent company, The Hill Companies.