A mixed-use community from DMB Incorporated, Eastmark is locate in Phoenix’ exploding East Valley. Sieb was asked to serve as Senior Consultant in marketing, and craft a brand that would reflect the exciting offering and scale of the community. The brand was designed to resonate with the desires of the potential residents, City of Mesa and other valued stakeholders. Crafting a believable story while the land was in remediation seemed difficult, but was in fact an opportunity to boost excitement for this anticipated “rising phoenix.” As Brand Leader working with a rich team of consultants, Sieb advised, planned and executed, working closely with the Director of Marketing. We created the trademarked brand, “Live In SynchroniCity”, the marketing campaigns, look, feel and creative for the website, and provided both creative and oversight for the Visitors Center (winner of NAHB Visitors Center of the Year), among hundreds of other projects necessary to launch a successful community.


Visitors Center, winner of NAHB Visitors Center of the Year.


Designing a commercial for a community that “wasn’t there yet” was tricky, check out this innovative approach!



A community built on innovation should have innovative collateral— we designed these fun origami-like brochures that reflect the logo shape!


Successful digital campaigns means great creative, best practices, important offerings, and relentless tracking. At Sieb, we nailed it. 


Live In SynchroniCity — a campaign that described a community built for everything to fit into place, to fit into your life with ease. Now over five years old, Eastmark remains in the top 10 best-selling communities in the nation.