Viewed as one of the most up-and-coming “power hitters” in the land development industry of New Mexico, Garret Price connected with The Sieb Organization through their mutual work at Mariposa, a Harvard Investments community in Rio Rancho, NM. We hit it off right away— admiring his mastery of the industry, efficiency, flawless standards and considerate style. So when Garret asked us to help launch his one-year-old company, we resoundingly said “yes!”

WEBSITE The site had to reflect the PRICE brand, business, and accomplishments. In a smaller market than some, PRICE easily stands out through their reverence for the land, dedication to great development standards and modern processes and efficiencies. This mix of head and heart allowed us to create a site both beautiful and informative. Built with excellent UX that thinks the way a buyer, builder or developer thinks, it is also easy to update based on smart coding.


Fresh, bold, and clear. That pretty much describes the logo and brand system. Highly usable, this logo works perfectly at all sizes, in print, signage and in the digital arena. We provided a comprehensive usage package that takes the guesswork out of decision making for the firm and their stakeholders.


Although featured last here, it was actually our first action with PRICE. We spent dozens of hours in preparation for two days with the client, doing some deep dives about their business model, directional growth, offerings, work style, culture, values, position, pillars, assets, archetype, and personality. It was enlightening and reassuring for the team and resulted in a 24 page Brand Bible that serves us all well — it informed our naming, logo, brand materials, website and more. And it helped their team to strengthen their exceptional company.