Arizona State University is building a world-class Smart City at the geographic center of the fifth largest city in the US— Phoenix’ Valley of the Sun. The 330 acres represent an unprecedented vision for a future-forward urban environment. The global caliber sport performance and entertainment destination is committed to best practices in sustainability, transit and quality of life for its many thousands of residents. Adjacent to, and including the ASU Tempe campus assets, Novus Innovation Corridor incorporates blue chip partnerships, new technologies and research, office and commerce, and compelling residential living. 

Sieb was engaged to lead all branding, naming, logo, brand guidelines and storytelling efforts, articulating the business model and place-making vision both internally and to the public. As an ASU-lead endeavor, this very sophisticated brand is designed to comply with stringent ASU requirements.



Sieb lead all of the branding for this complex entity, with a myriad of stakeholders. To accomplish this, we created a password-protected website that communicates the brand structure.