ASU engaged Sieb to create a website for their six Innovation Zones. tells the complex story of six locations in the Valley of the Sun focused on attracting global business. Through one-of-a-kind academic-corporate partnerships, access to ASU’s world-class faculty and student talent, cutting-edge research and development, and state-of-the-art facilities, ASU is shaping Arizona as an epicenter for 21st century companies. Once again named #1 in Innovation, our job was to communicate ASU provides unprecedented speed of growth in a competitive environment.


Far more than an online brochure, the site is designed to add value to the viewer; built with a Zone Finder which helps prospective businesses locate the zone that best matches their requirements. Sieb created every part of the site including videos, info-graphics, the Zone Finder and more— all while adhering to a strict, evolving set of brand guidelines. Numerous stakeholders included the ASU Executive Team lead by Dr. Michael Crow, ASU Knowledge Enterprise, Mayo Clinic, ASU Health Solutions Corridor, Plaza Companies, Catellus Development, ASU Polytechnic, ASU Research Park, ASU West Campus, ASU HUB and more all weighed in to assure this essential tool met their various needs and requirements.


Sieb created three videos for the site, requiring our team to deeply understand the offering, and set a brand tone that was both inspiring and believable.


As the largest public university in the country, ASU has ever-evolving brand standards and voice, not all of which is codified. Sieb worked with the ASU team to bring value and insights to the messaging while also diligently learning what can be said, and how it may be stated. The journey, while complicated, was rewarding.