Located in one of the most desirable “retire-to” areas in the US, Talking Rock in Prescott, AZ was ready for a marketing and lead generation “About-Face”. The developers, Symmetry Companies and Harvard Investments, spent the last few years investing in and recharging the community experience with exciting new home and home site offerings and amenities. Invigorating an already successful community, the owners asked Sieb to review and recommend better outreach strategies, which had remained flat and costly. We turned marketing on its head with bold new positioning and modernizing their media mix, bringing the private community in alignment with its existing 700+ no-back-down, no-holds-barred, fun-loving and friendly owners. Buyer research, a new website, better media channels, and sophisticated advertising blew the doors off their prior years, with the next two years producing over 10x more leads than any past year, with similar, and smaller budgets.


Our research told us TV works well for our identified buyers—and we were able to reach them at an incredibly cost-effective price. We focused zoned programming on those 50+ who identified as real estate-intenders. With new offerings from 10-acre homesites to $450,000 homes and everything in between, we produced multiple commercials highlighting both the offering and the voice of the brand— people who like to do things “their own way”. Our TV campaign drove nearly half the leads— a highly successful endeavor!


talkingrockaz.com is built to reflect a brand and offering that makes sense. Built for those who want to enjoy Arizona High Country, mild four seasons, the privacy of a gated community and amenities that include Championship golf, Talking Rock is a complete and vibrant offering attracting buyers from all over. We built the site to showcase its vibrancy through lifestyle videos, a convenient Property Finder, a robust blog and clear navigation. Social media campaigns drive thousands every month to the blog, with talkingrockaz.com/whats-happening quickly becoming the “resource’ to learn about Prescott! After only one year, we’re proud to say the site ranks as #18,586 among 644,000,000 active websites in the US. 


Everyone wants to reach the California buyer, but doing so in a way that responsibly manages the budget is essential. We found that while traffic was split evenly between Arizona and California visitors, it was the Californian who was most prone to purchase. Our smartly optimized campaigns, form-fills, landing pages, paid and unpaid social media, and emails have been the backbone of our campaigns, collectively driving 10x more leads than before Sieb took over.


While our focus has been providing qualified leads, the collateral materials needed to be replaced as well. We designed everything from closing gifts, to new membership documents, Design Guidelines, CC&Rs, product brochures, Discovery Visit materials, direct mail, and identify systems. We emphasize clean, direct, tasteful materials, executed in a cost-effective manner. 


Sieb designed and executed a series of events — including the launch of Sterling Ranch, the Dorn Homes series at Talking Rock, and fun Realtor® events including a Poker Run. All are designed to expose visitors to new real estate offerings through the compelling lifestyle. Sieb also began the process of spiffing up the Sales Center, as well as the new outdoor Games Area.