Harvard Investments, known nationally for their quality, award-winning communities, invited Sieb to serve as Chief Marketing Gurus for their signature community. We named it based on its rhythmic design and deep American Traditional heritage. However, Cadence at Gateway is no nostalgic brand; it’s fresh, current, rich—and of unsurpassed quality. Filled with abundant amenities, new ideas, excellent builders, and a logical, inviting land plan, Cadence has already sold out Phase One and is offering Phase 2 and 3 well ahead of schedule.

Sieb completed the buyer research, marketing plan, website, brand platform and systems, the Visitors Center, launch events, TV and digital campaigns and so much more. Robust social media and traditional PR drove the ball home. Cadence ranked as the #6 best-selling community in Arizona in 2019, although it is considerably smaller than it’s competitive field. Cadence at Gateway has proven itself as an elevated brand that remains accessible to most primary home buyers. CadenceAZ.com


Sieb designed the Visitors Center, amenity signage and marketing trail to feel less like “real estate” and more similar to a friendly, upscale retail experience — with interactive, dimensional and tactile touches throughout. While Cadence provides more amenities at a better price in an intimately-sized community, we worked to assure the visitor Cadence is an inclusive community, not exclusive. 



Branding is so much more than slapping a logo on materials. We wanted the Cadence brand to evoke emotion, heart and delightful touches in every usage. Cadence is a living place, and the brand can not be static— but must maintain standards. Visitors will find the collateral and brand usage fluid and evocative— while maintaining quality, value, engagement, youthfulness, actionability and beauty. 


Our YES campaign is designed to showcase an idea— Cadence says yes to exactly what the buyer wants. Our research told us the word yes is the most powerful word used in social media to garner positive response, at the time of the campaign— and yes, this campaign worked out well, driving thousands to the website and registration pages! With in-house production, we are able to create and deploy new campaigns in a time- and budget-sensitive manner, allowing Cadence to run various campaigns for different offerings



Our research told us over 90% of our buyers would come from a particular geographic area. We then researched these households by income, credit scoring, household structure, propensity to move, and so much more. This not only helped to determine precise targeting, it helped us to understand behaviors and interests— what is important to this buyer. Because we found our potential home buyer is engaged in creative DIY, we developed an entire DIY area of the site Cadence Creates. cadenceaz.com/blog Filled with instructions, patterns and downloads to make everything from a Farm Stand to a backyard tipi, this area of the site drove thousands of visitors every month, who then opted-in to learn more. Awareness was created and Cadence was positioned well in the community, well before ever opening its doors! Plus, we got to have a ball crafting and exploring the best of the Phoenix East Valley! 


With over 2,000 attending the Grand Opening and 225 the VIP Grand Opening event, Sieb enjoyed planning and executing one of the most successful launches in the Valley of the Sun. 



Cadenceaz.com is ever-changing, with new content added weekly. We incorporated a simple, user-friendly Homefinder, and some cool interactive stuff like a bike ride through the community— see cadenceaz.com/explore. Not only fun and informative, it ranks as #17,130 among 644,000,000 websites in the US. We must be doing something right!


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