As a luxury homebuilder in the Tucson area, David Williamson has built a better mouse trap. David had already built 7,000 homes for 55+, families, and seasonal visitors. So not only does David know how to design and build a great home, he has incredible experience in finding the right subs, materials, pricing and — critically — land.

We had worked with David in the past as he launched communities, a resort hotel, condos and more. When he came to us with One Oak — his new luxury brand — we knew we could help. While our workload prevented us from being his fulltime solution, we could step in to set the brand, create the materials and find buyers. To pull this off we needed both authority and responsibility and set an aggressive path. We set the strategy, wrote the plan, and took the reins to guide his executional team.



Most importantly, we provided comprehensive research identifying, locating and understanding potential buyers who could purchase a $2,000,000 home. We pinpointed this audience, literally home-by-home and IP address-by-IP address, based on tight criteria including HHI, investable assets, credit rating, real estate holdings, golf and other interests, household formation, and ease of travel to Tucson. We followed with a plan for omni-channel media, campaign creative, branding, website, landing pages, videos, and collateral. We included cascading timelines, budgets and ROI predictions.



While many initiatives necessitated overlap on this 120-day sprint, we could not launch lead-gen campaigns without a website. Relying on their third-party vendor wasn’t working, so we not only provided oversight, we stepped in to create the architecture, wireframes, design pages, write copy, oversee programming and QC. More than we bargained for, but necessary.




When reaching the luxury-minded purchaser, omni-channel campaigns that focus on the media this special consumer follows is critical — touching the same narrow audience with social media, paid digital and traditional media, emails and events. Responses captured not only the essential contact information, but also their interests — which help the sales team effectively nurture and respond.




It was tempting to spend budget on high-touch sexy collateral. But knowing the client needed to be in the market and making sales by high season — only four months away — we recommended simple collateral and push additional dollars into lead generation. The materials were well-designed, well-written, highly functional, and informative. They could be updated on the fly and printed from the client’s back-office printer. Once sales were flowing, the team could circle back and produce more elaborate collateral when the time was right. Knowing that the most important outcome was a booked visit to see the breathtaking homesites, we also recommended dollars be allocated for Discovery Visits.

One Oak had been working on rough logos for many months; we stepped in to guide the selection, finesse, and refinement.