Harvard Investments develops award-winning communities of the highest caliber, so when their executive team, lead by SVP Chris Cacheris asked us to help with their newest community, Gregg Ranch, we jumped at the opportunity. Gregg Ranch is 45 minutes north of downtown Austin Texas, in the great little town of Marble Falls. Importantly, it is dead center in the Lakes and Hill Country — with abundant rivers, lakes, mountains and limitless outdoor recreation. The community will be home to approximately 1,350 residences and is the first master plan in the town in 30 years. But this is no “lay down”— our task is to show the attraction of a small-town community and the viability of new homes built outside the “first circle” of Austin. SIEB is entrusted with all aspects of marketing, including buyer research, marketing plan, website, brand development, digital, traditional, and broadcast campaigns, email campaigns, social media and public relations strategy and oversight, launch events, marketing trail and so much more. www.GreggRanch.com


We accessed demographic data of not only who already lives in the area but who would consider living in Marble Falls and why, along with in-migration trends to the greater DMA. By digging into the audience wants and needs, the client crafted a bevy of appropriate amenities, as well as community, street, and home designs and functionality. The SIEB team spent time with the city to understand economic drivers, future planning and the heartfelt culture. We analyzed assets including schools, medical, and infrastructure that make this location so appealing. We just kept digging to layer our knowledge about the developer, offering, area, assets, and importantly the potential buyer. Then we built the Brand.

Upon “Brand Bible” completion, we designed logo options that fit within their unique Story. How did we ensure we were on track? We asked the Marble Falls community their opinion on our work. By taking the time to brand test we learned which logo resonated (by over 70%!) and by testing website options, which brand platform spoke to the audience best. We got enthusiastic feedback, and some great additive ideas. It made a difference!

Our Brand Bible covers all the bases—it helps stakeholders see how all the pieces fit together to tell a tight, compelling story. Everyone understands the direction, and ideas and initiatives can easily be measured against the Brand Bible, keeping strategy in place and budgets under control.


GreggRanch.com reflects a community being realized today, with new construction and infrastructure added in real time. Today, the site is designed to capture opt-ins who may be interested in owning at Gregg Ranch as well as tell the story of this vibrant place to live. We began with WordPress site and programmed to suit the needs of the client. The site will be incorporating a user-friendly Homefinder, with measureable, trackable leads going directly to the homebuilders. It’s the perfect balance of modernity while communicating the rich history of the Texas Lakes and Hill Country.


Because we put in the ground work to understand the buying audience, we know the best channels to reach them. We understand their interests and what content will resonate. That’s why within the first year of launch our team, lead by The Ferraro Group, has engagement of over 60,000 a month and tens of thousands of minutes of video views. We are just getting started but exceeding expectations already!